Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Life's Full Circle...

I'm sorry for lack of posts in recent months. As the Earth continues to turn, so does life's full circle.

Some readers may recall that in 2014, my "sissy" (roommate/sister) was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a difficult time with a happy ending. Surgery, chemo, hair loss, wigs, drastic diet changes were the challenges of the day. All were dealt with, moved from the "do list" to the "done list" with relative ease as she grew stronger and stronger, eventually  making a full recovery....or so we thought. (

A few months ago, "sissy" began having a nagging pain in her left hip. For weeks she insisted she "slept wrong" or "pulled a muscle" in her sleep. After repeated pleas on my part, she finally made a doctor appointment. Nothing but inflammation was noted and anti inflammatory medications were recommended...but the pain continued. After 2 visits, she was referred to an Orthopedic surgeon. Tests were ordered and the diagnosis was stunning....the cancer had returned with a vengeance.

Yes, her breast cancer had returned and manifested in her skeletal system. Bone Mets ( has fully engulfed her ribs, arms, pelvis and left leg. Stage 4 re-occurring cancer. Words no one should ever have to hear. There is no cure. She is 47 years old.

Within 4 days of getting the devastating news, she was in surgery. Metal rods were placed in both arms, shoulder to elbow, in her left femur and a large lesion was removed from her left pelvis. The surgeon said it was a miracle her bones didn't break as the cancer has left "honeycombed" hollowed bone where once healthy bone existed.  That was 10 days ago. Yesterday we saw the oncologist. Radiation, oral chemo and numerous other medications to slow the cancer are the order of the day. Though there is no cure, bone loss will be an ongoing problem that must be addressed to ensure "quality of life" during her battle with this ugly, cruel disease. I am stunned, heartbroken and suffering cognitive dissidence. This can't be happening. But it is...

She literally worked (with a crutch) right up to the day she recieved the diagnosis... as a nurse (ironic isn't it?), a profession she loved and was dedicated to for the last 25 years. She was informed yesterday her nursing days are over. She can't lift. She can't be on her feet for 12 hours a day. Her immune system will be compromised. She can no longer be around sick people. More heart wrenching news. Now what? Where does our wonderful adventure go from here?? Our amazing synchronicity of events that led us to this beautiful place in the Appalachians is going to end like this?? Really? Is this Unfair? Fate? Bad luck? Why is this happening to such a good soul? I'm sure every person who has gotten this diagnosis has had the same type which there are no answers.

A dear friend of ours has started a Go Fund me for "sissy" to help out while she awaits the several denials for disability we have been assured will come. Her "social worker" said there is very little assistance for people like Melissa. She has no children, is single and not a minority. Basically, she gets NOTHING but whatever she can pry from the cold steel hands of .gov. Her health insurance will run out at the end of the month. She can not pay the full amount and will have to go on Medicaid. It will take months for any HARD EARNED relief. Most of us think that because we work for decades and pay taxes, .gov will be there if we fall victim to times such as these. Well, that assumption would be wrong. They will not help you, much less save you. That is the cold hard reality in the good ole U S of A. As Willie Wonka said, You get NOTHING! Plan accordingly.

Here is the link to her GoFund me account. Hard times are upon us all, but not nearly as difficult as the time that lies ahead for "sissy". Thanks for reading...will keep you posted. Namaste~ Slaade

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