Sunday, June 21, 2015


.......just chilling on the trail :)
Though I have not been posting often in the past few months, I have been paying attention to current events. Economic crisis looms worldwide, rumors of war, race relations in ruins, crazy climate extremes...the list goes on and on.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to "disconnect" from MSM by not connecting my cable and no longer watching television. I can honestly say, I haven't missed it at all. Propaganda, violence and negativity have no place in my life. Interestingly, Sissy (my BFF) and I have noticed we feel better, sleep better and have pleasant vivid dreams now that we have detached ourselves from the "flicker box". I highly recommend it! Here is a great video about the influences of television..well worth the watch (and yes, I am aware that it is claimed the video was NOT made by the North Koreans as claimed however, the facts remain the same... regardless) 
In addition, because of our remote (but not isolated) location, cell phones and GPS are of no use towers emitting low EMF frequencies..just nature (and allot of insects I never knew existed)

I keep up with current events via the internet. Though I can't help but check MSM sources for the "spin", I don't consider them credible in the least. I generally follow a few vetted websites and simply read the headlines..rarely engaging in the entire article unless it is of particular interest in being relative to my current (and continued/permanent) lifestyle. I actually spend more time reading the comment sections to see if my fellow humans have evolved/awakened to the true state of reality. Though I am encouraged by the apparent increase in the number of people beginning to "get it", I sadly feel we have a long way to go. Oh well...some progress is better than none. 

I spend most of my time outdoors. The yard is huge, the raised garden has been built and the seedlings have sprouted. As it is my "job" to care for it all, along with our 3 dogs and kitty, cooking, cleaning (which consumes more time than it should but I'm a tad OCD) and other misc. duties, I keep pretty busy. There is never a day that goes by where I can't find something to keep myself occupied. 

Funny little things keep a smile of my a few weeks ago when a HUGE woodpecker was clinging to my picture window, apparently attracted by a flower arrangement (with lots of RED) that was on the buffet beneath it. This was the biggest woodpecker I had ever seen in my life...looked just like this one...

Can't say he was "cute".. more like scary! 
This morning, one of the dogs was annoyed by a bee buzzing around her water bowl and snapped at it resulting in a nasty sting in her mouth. You know that had to hurt! The wild turkeys are off nesting so haven't been visiting as of late, though the bunny rabbits have and they are here by the hundreds in all shapes and sizes. So far, they have left my garden alone but I fear many have lost their lives in the gardens of others nearby as gun shots ring out almost every morning (and it's not hunting season). Most folks up here "direct plant" and have no protection from the hungry little buggers. I often wonder why they choose to feed near people with the mountains all around us. Our home is in a cove between two high ridges..right on the edge of a national forest. I hear there are bears up here but I haven't seen any sign of them. The only thing I find annoying is the BUGS! ...mostly flying ones that like to nip at your flesh in places you can not reach to scratch or just buzzing by your ears to drive you insane. I am also recovering from my second bout of poison ivy. Though I am quite aware of what it looks like at this point, brushing up against it is almost unavoidable when working in the yard. Long sleeves, though uncomfortable, is a must along with a straw hat to keep the insects at bay. I'm quite the sight indeed!

Sissy and I took our first hike last weekend! What a great time! We packed our backpacks with food, water and other necessities and did a 2.5 mile "moderate" (if you are 20 yrs old lol) hike off the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Here's a few pics....

This was from the trail about half way up....

....from the top
....mission accomplished! (exactly 1 yr since Sissy's last cancer treatment! Amazing!)

Life is what we make it. Moving here to the Appalachians was my dream. My belief, will and determination made it come true. Each and every one of us can do the same. Don't allow anything to steal your dreams and joy. If you do...."they" have won. 

Until next time....~Namaste

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