Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Mountain Retreat! ...One month in and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!

It's been a wild and crazy month but I have finally arrived and settled in to my new home in the mountains of NC....and I'm loving it!!

Leaving the coast was difficult but I knew it was time to go. Packing took 2 weeks (and lots of purging) and unpacking just as long.  Here's a little glimpse of the beauty that surrounds me...

Taken just 10 miles from home..

Funny I should choose to live here as I have always been terrified of heights. Driving these mountains can be pretty scary...riding even more so. There are very few guardrails and the drop just barely off the pavement (usually not wide enough for 2 vehicles) is often straight down hundreds of feet. I had a few moments of paranoia on an exploration trip last weekend that had my roommate in tears laughing. I laughed later when we were on safer ground :).  We found ourselves on a road you could not turn around on surrounded by houses straight from the movie  Deliverance (I could hear the faint banjo playing in the background I do believe) and my death grip on the door of the jeep left my hand numb for hours. None the less, I can't get enough of the mountain views and nature all around me.

                                                    Wild turkeys in the front yard!

My hand full of neighbors came to introduce themselves straight away. All are very sweet and offered any assistance we may need. One neighbor actually offered to cut my lawn with his tractor after seeing me struggle with the terrain using a weed eater and push mower. I gladly offered him gas (which he declined) and he's cut it every week since, still refusing to accept any compensation. 

Finding a place for my garden has been the most challenging thing (beside the abundant assortment of insects lol) so far. Every place I have attempted to dig I'm met with the clang of my spade against a rock. I've come to the conclusion I will have to build a raised bed and am researching that now. I will share that experience when I figure it out.

"Town" is 8 miles away. Quaint but with everything we need and lots of nice people. We went on an Art Safari last weekend, traveling around the area to peoples homes with original art work, jewelry and crafts. What a wonderful way to go exploring!

Nothing not to like about a local road trip!

Today, I think I will just sit on the deck and watch the day go by...maybe feed the turkeys and birds some cracked corn, listen to the goats a few houses down and the sound of lawn mowers and tillers echoing in the hills that surround me. More later...can't waste a beautiful day inside!

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