Tuesday, April 7, 2015

IS IT TIME TO "BUG OUT"? It is for me!

Financial collapse, planetary instability, pollution. Even flying the Chinese Flag at the capital building in Washington state. The time is here...at least for me.

In case you haven't noticed, world events are happening at break neck speed in 2015. The financial house of cards is teetering, war and rumors of war, racial tensions brought on by MSM...the list goes on and on. If you haven't begun to prepare, I highly recommend  you begin TODAY.

After investigating various parts of the country, I decided on the Appalachian Mountains as my "safe zone".  The people there are community oriented, the weather is bearable and the beauty, peace and serenity is aplenty. My drinking water will be untainted. Fresh streams and lakes are filled with uncontaminated fish.

An amazing synchronicity of events has lead me to my new home.  8 days and counting. I will update with my new adventures regularly once I'm settled. Here is the view from my front yard. I am sooo excited!


  1. Hi Slaade, it was quit long time that your site didn't authorized to post comments, but apparently now it's working again.
    I busy since quite a while to prepare every month a little bit, you have to have the resources also of course.
    your new settling place looks nice, here where i live i also have view on the woods.Is your roommate completely cured now?Lux

    1. Hello my friend across the pond! I'm finally settled in here in the mountains and couldn't be happier! Only because of rain am I sitting inside today :) I am struggling about where to put my garden as everywhere I dig I hit a rock LOL. My roommate is up here with me. She is completely cured of her cancer. It was a crazy year but life begins anew in the place of my dreams. Glad to hear you are prepping. The time is here. Keep me posted....Namaste~