Saturday, January 10, 2015

Strange Booms Reported Across Oklahoma Baffle Scientists


Thousands of Oklahomans have been reporting strange booms today morning, January 8, 2015.
They were heard and felt in Newalla, Norman, Meeker, Lake Draper, Shawnee, Wellston, Agra, and Parkland, so all around the Sooner State. But once again their source remains unknown.
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Did you also hear these booms? Most reports came from the area of 9000 block of Tecumseh, but were also felt and heard in Newalla, Norman, Meeker, Lake Draper, Shawnee, Wellston, Agra, and Parkland.

Police and scientists from Lincoln, Cleveland, McClain, Pottawatomie, and Oklahoma counties are investigating to find out the source of the booms.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey has not received any reports of mysterious noises or unusual seismic activity. So what could it be?
Some believe they are linked to the cold weather, to ice quakes!

Also known as cryoseismic boom, they are mini explosions within the ground caused by the rapid expansion of frozen water. And the boom sounds similar to a sonic boom.

They omitted fracking as possible source!

....and today, via RSOE

A day after hundreds of people called 911 to report hearing mysterious sounds and vibrations, the booms were back on Friday. They bounced all over Oklahoma, in Norman, Meeker and Shawnee. The sounds are similar to sonic booms, but Tinker Air Force Base officials told KOCO 5 News that they didn't have any planes taking off during either occasion. U.S. Geological Survey officials said two earthquakes occurred about a half-hour before the booms started Friday, but the chance that they were an aftershock is slim. Anthony Young said he felt them on Thursday and Friday. "We thought some nut was out here with explosives," Young said. Some think the booms might have been caused by cryoseisms, also known as ice quakes. However, there has never been any record of one in Oklahoma. The First Alert Weather Team said it hasn't been cold enough. "The topsoil and also the soil down to a couple feet have been all above freezing for the last several days," said meteorologist Jonathan Conder. For now, the source of the sounds remains a mystery.

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