Thursday, January 15, 2015

Giant Wave Impact in Ireland

via RSOE  1/16/2015

A wave more than twice the size of a two story house was detected in Irish waters this morning. The wave, which is the second highest on record, was measured at the M3 Cork/Kerry buoy. The average Significant Wave Height at the buoy has been over 6m this month, making it a period of unusually high seas. But today, at 10:00am a wave measuring 16.9 metres was detected. Met Eireann reports that this is the second highest wave on record at the buoy behind the 19.1m wave recorded on January 27th 2013.

and from  (different buoy, same general area)

Met Eireann, on Tuesday December 13th reported the record 20.4 metre (67ft) wave which was recorded by the M4 weather buoy at 14.00. This is the highest maximum wave recorded in Irish waters,” Met √Čireann reported.

The M4 Buoy itself is located 44 Nautical Miles (about 50 Miles) offshore.

Although the wave height recorded out at sea and the actual breaking height at shore are considerably different, the potential size of a wave like this hitting a reef such as Mullaghmore at the right tides, swell direction and wind conditions is enormous.

No cause for the increased wave height has been determined    ???????

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