Monday, January 5, 2015

2015-What's next??

Let me preface this post by apologizing for my lack of focus. Life presents unexpected changes that refocuses our attention to things that are, for the individual, more important.

On a personal level, my son and his wife blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter in April. My daughter and her husband blessed me with a handsome (refraining from using the term "beautiful" as he is a boy) grandson. There is nothing in life that presents itself as more important than the extension of the propagation of life and family. I have never been more blessed. My grandchildren are absolutely.... PERFECT.



Obviously, to my fellow watchers, much is happening in our world. They have not gone ignored. Regardless of what is to come in humanities future, these beautiful beings have been my focus of attention. The love I feel for them overwhelms most everything else. That said, it's time to think about their (our) future. I'm back...not by choice, but by necessity. In case you haven't noticed, the world is in a whirlwind of change. I  have been keeping up with current events...both politically and physically. I can not say which is more important at this phase of things. I personally think they interactive....connected.....there are no "coincidences".  Though the economy, world unrest, politics and the like seem to be in the forefront of MSM, I personally believe that cosmic changes are the subject we should all be focused on. All else is just a distraction from what NASA, world govts and those "in the know" are very much aware of. My immediate focus is earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather and Earths magnetosphere. I will be sharing links to let you all decide for yourselves. I wish the 50K people who have viewed my blog a blessed new year and hope you will continue to frequent my blog as I will be devoting more time to it in the very near future. Much love and peace~SLAADE

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