Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monster sun spot 2192 crackling with solar flares..X1.6 just observed


Here We Go Again
Region 2192 produced another strong solar flare, this time peaking at X1.6 at 14:28 UTC. An R3 radio blackout producing significant HF signal fading was observed on the sunlit side of Earth during the height of the flare. More details to follow. Click HERE for the X1.6 event log.
Updated 10/22/2014 @ 11:50 UTC
Solar Update
Good morning. Below is an updated look at the visible solar disk and the magnetic layout of region 2192 on Wednesday. Solar activity again reached high levels thanks to an M8.7 solar flare around AR 2192 at 01:59 UTC. A noteworthy CME does not appear to be associated with the event. This was followed up by a smaller M2.7 flare at 05:17 UTC. All other visible regions remain stable. A new sunspot is rotating into view off the northeast limb and should be numbered 2195 today.
In the attached magnetic layout image above courtesy of SDO/HMI, positive and negative polarity umbra (dark region of a sunspot) are labelled. The active region (2192) continues to maintain a Beta-Gamma-Delta magnetic formation and will remain a threat for additional moderate to strong solar flares.
Added 10/22/2014 @ 02:30 UTC
M8.7 Solar Flare Observed
Region 2192 is back at it again with a strong M8.7 solar flare observed at 01:59 UTC early Wednesday morning. Previous flaring around 2192 the past several days have failed to produce a noteworthy CME. Based on updated SDO imagery using the 193 angstroms channel, no significant coronal dimming, or shock appears evident. More updates to follow once coronagraph imagery becomes available. Click HERE for the event log.

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