Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ever just need a break?

The past few months for me have been crazy! My BFF going through cancer treatment, gardening and boycotting negative energies have consumed me.

As for BFF's cancer...she's cured! She completed her chemo with NO side effects. We contribute much of this to meditation/prayer, positive thoughts/attitude and a super healthy diet. 4 weeks ago, she had a double mastectomy (one by choice, other by necessity), reconstruction and, at this very moment, is out on the ocean fishing! Again, not a single complication and lymph nodes tested clear for any further treatment. 7 months from diagnosis to healed! Amazing. (She's also sporting some new and improved boobies to boot! lol)

The garden was a struggle this year. A very dry spring and insects made it quit a battle but I was still able to achieve a nice harvest. I experimented with freeze drying, dehydrating and other methods of preservation....some successful, some not-so-much :)  I will be planting my fall seeds today and hope for a less brutal winter than last year.

Rumors of war created many negative feelings for me. In my spare time, I have been consumed with understanding the geopolitics of why we continue to destroy and hate instead of build and love. My conclusion is that all war is about money, power and resources. The elite are in control and sadly, mankind is still sleeping though I have noticed more seem to be awakening...just not quickly enough. The more we share truth, the faster we awaken others. It's our duty. It's what WE, as individuals can do.

I have also decided to leave my beloved ocean/beach for the serenity of the mountains. I will be making that move in early spring and am excited to begin a new chapter in my life. Will keep you posted on my new adventure.

Much has been happening with our universe. I have been posting on my facebook page when I can  I should have more time to post here now that winter approaches. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! Namaste~

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