Friday, April 11, 2014

Earthquake/Volcano watch! Rapid increase in occurrences and intensity

In the last 7 days:

38 Earthquakes measuring over 5.0
6   Earthquakes measuring over 6.0
2   Earthquakes measuring over 7.0

     and 1 measuring over 8.0

In addition, Russia, Peru, Indonesia and Ecuador have had volcano eruptions in the past 2 weeks
and Alaska and Iceland have experienced volcano activity. Yellowstone has had several tremors and some are reporting increased plumes and the departure of animals from the park. Oklahoma has had hundreds of earthquakes of various sizes.

Fortunately, only a handful of deaths have been reported though many have been injured. Most every heliplot in the US looks like this today:

Though the NOAA Data Buoy Center has shown numerous buoys in alert mode, luckily there have been no sizable tsunamis generated from these large tremors.

Anyone who lives in an earthquake prone area should remain very alert. Will update as needed

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