Sunday, March 2, 2014

Strong Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions and giant waves around the globe

Today, March 2, 2014, a series of very strong earthquakes rattled the "ring of fire" including a 6.7 in Ryukyu Islands, Japan, 6.4 in Nicaragua and moments ago, a 6.1 in Chiapas Mexico. No tsunami's have been observed thus far.

In addition, volcanoes continue to erupt in Indonesia, Ecuador. Today in Nicaragua, another volcano has erupted, prompting the authorities to consider the evacuation of some 3,000 people living in the area. The Pacaya volcano began spewing ash and lava after a powerful explosion on Saturday afternoon. New explosions were seen on Sunday, with ash clouds reaching a height or at least 4km (3 miles). Flights have been diverted from the area, some 50km (30 miles) south of the capital, Guatemala City. The Pacaya is one of three active volcanoes in the Central American nation. The other two are the Fuego and the Santa Maria. "We are assessing with the National Disaster Management Centre (Conred) whether we will need to evacuate the 3,000 people who live in the villages of El Rodeo and Patrocinio," said the Pacaya National Park director, Humberto Morales. "Access to the areas around the volcano has been suspended," he told the Prensa Libre newspaper. The Guatemalan authorities have issued an amber alert, the third highest. It means people must remain alert and be prepared to leave the area at short notice.

In California, a seaside breakfast at a Santa Barbara restaurant came to a violent halt Saturday morning when a giant wave smashed windows and scattered patrons. It was unclear whether anyone was injured at Moby Dick Restaurant at Stearns Wharf. Jill Freeland, who posted video of the wave, wrote in the caption: "High tide and big swell can make for some salty eggs!! Great front row seat for a much needed storm in our area." The video shows a wave bursting through the window, eliciting shrieks from some restaurant customers. In an email to the Santa Barbara Independent, diner Forrest Buchanan described the incident that he also managed to record on video.

Video available here:

Here is the USGS list of large quakes today (so far)

5.0 61km SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico2014-03-02 17:26:12 UTC-05:0043.4 km
5.3 58km SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico2014-03-02 17:17:20 UTC-05:0049.1 km
6.5 110km NW of Nago, Japan2014-03-02 15:11:22 UTC-05:00111.2 km
5.7 67km W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea2014-03-02 14:38:59 UTC-05:0070.1 km
4.8 161km W of Sabtang, Philippines2014-03-02 12:11:23 UTC-05:0010.0 km
5.6 295km W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile2014-03-02 12:03:42 UTC-05:0017.0 km
4.5 22km WSW of Challapata, Bolivia2014-03-02 11:28:18 UTC-05:00242.7 km
5.1 298km W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile2014-03-02 11:18:31 UTC-05:0028.1 km
5.3 94km ENE of `Ohonua, Tonga2014-03-02 10:42:01 UTC-05:0010.0 km
4.5 4km ENE of Nicoya, Costa Rica2014-03-02 10:36:56 UTC-05:0055.1 km
4.7 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge2014-03-02 09:44:14 UTC-05:0014.0 km
4.6 103km SSW of Banda Aceh, Indonesia2014-03-02 07:35:52 UTC-05:0056.0 km
5.3 296km W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile2014-03-02 06:14:39 UTC-05:0010.0 km
4.9 57km NW of Pangai, Tonga2014-03-02 05:42:25 UTC-05:0011.4 km
5.2 280km W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile2014-03-02 05:12:21 UTC-05:0010.0 km
6.2 23km WSW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua2014-03-02 04:37:56 UTC-05:0072.6 km
4.9West Chile Rise2014-03-02 03:52:15 UTC-05:0010.0 km
5.0 133km WSW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia2014-03-02 03:50:04 UTC-05:0040.0 km

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