Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Next Close Encounter Asteroid 2014 EP12-Watch live!

via http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/

Next 14 Mar. 2014 at 01:39 UT, the near-Earth asteroid 2014 EP12 will reach a minimum distance from the Earth of about 1.1 millions km. This is a very safe distance, so no risks at all for our planet. It will be a nice opportunity to spy this 40 meters large asteroid moving across the stars.

As usual with these asteroids, the Virtual Telescope Project will offer a live, online event sharing real-time images of 2014 EP12 with live commentary by our scientific staff. It will be shown together with near-Earth asteroid 2014 EM!

The online, free session is scheduled for 13 Mar. 2014, starting at 23:00 UT.
Watch live: http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/2014/03/11/near-earth-asteroid-2014-ep12-close-encounter-online-event-13-mar-2014/

This asteroid is listed by NASA as a "condition code 7"

Definition/Description for SBDB Parameter/Field
Title: condition code

Description: MPC "U" parameter: orbit uncertainty estimate 0-9, with 0 being good, and 9 being highly uncertain

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