Thursday, March 6, 2014



FIREBALLS OVER CANADA AND NEW MEXICO: March 6th began with a bang. "Last night, here was a significant fireball over north central New Mexico at precisely 00:19:20 am MST," reports Thomas Ashcraft. "It was brighter than the full Moon and shook houses from its sonic boom." Ashcraft operates a fireball camera and forward-scatter meteor radar at his private observatory near Santa Fe. Turn up the volume and play the movie he recorded.

Approximately two hours later, a similar fireball streaked over Yellowknife, Canada, exploding so brightly that the flash turned the night sky blue:

Yuichi Takasaka took the picture from the verge of Vee Lake. "I was leading an Aurora Photography Tour," says Takasaka. "We had quite colourful auroras all night. All of sudden at 02:13 local time, one shooting star started from Western sky and exploded towards North. It got so bright that I had to close my eyes like someone used electric flash in front of me. A few minutes later, we could hear the huge explosion from the direction of the fireball fell. What an exciting night!!!"

As far as we know there is no conection between these two events or the asteroid 2014 EC, which is flying past Earth today. They are probably random meteoroids of the type that strike Earth's atmosphere every night.


  1. Hi Slaade, I thought I'd just mention here something I noticed in my sun watching activities. Cobra's meditation for peace was on March 4th where we visualized pink light from central sun, then a day later there was a gamma ray bust and if you look at the bartol cosmic ray graph there is a huge blob of cosmic ray reading, and the sun has been snoozing since then...... neat little coinkidink.

    1. I noticed that! I always participate in Cobra's meditations. I believe in collective focus. As for coincidence? Hehe...I think not :)

  2. Hi Slaade, Lux here, about the stress issue of your roommate, I don't have really a solution. I have also much stress issues. I can only tell you that when spring start and till winter begins, when I'm terrible stressed I go in garden and I plant things only to have my hands in the earth, that helps for me a lot. Then I give a part of my stress to the earth. Problem is in winter it's not possible!
    Also if you want to use turmeric several times a day, then if you can buy empty capsules from your medical store, then you fill them with turmeric and so you can take them twice a day without having the bad taste. If you can't buy empty capsules and if you have capsules from another medicin that you don't use anymore, than you can empty them and fill them with turmeric.
    I used to do that with one of my cats a few years ago, she had to take a medicin daily, but she wouldn't take it, so I filled empty capsules with her
    medicin and put it in her mouth. I treated her 3 years that way.
    I tell you this because if you add quiet turmeric to your food, your food will taste nasty.
    Love to you

    1. Hey Luxey! Roomy is dealing with stress with long walks, meditation and yoga. As the weather gets nicer, I will get her back to the beach (we are coastal dwellers) which brings her much peace and comfort (fishing as well). As for the turmeric, we got that right away and LOVE the taste! It does give the food a yellow hue but doesn't bother either of us. Thanks for your continued suggestions. Much love~

    2. Thanks for suggesting capsuling tumeric, never thought of that, shall give it a try. Agree, touching earth is the best stress reliever.

  3. Your welcome anonymous. For capsuling just take the smallest teaspoon you have and put it little by little bit in your capsules,make sure you have a plate under your capsules so that you don't loose any powder. Lux.