Friday, March 21, 2014

Crazy World, Fear and Chaos! How to be free and self reliant

The entire world seems to be a mess. War, upheaval, fear, devastating weather, space rocks falling on our heads and the looming financial crisis. Doom is everywhere..hanging like a dark cloud over our heads every day, whether as a result of talking-head MSM or the internet.

Worry and fear are detrimental to your health. When worrying becomes excessive, it can lead to feelings of high anxiety and even cause you to be physically ill. You may suffer with high anxiety -- even panic -- during waking hours. Many chronic worriers tell of feeling a sense of impending doom or unrealistic fears that only increase their worries. Ultra-sensitive to their environment and to the criticism of others, excessive worriers may see anything -- and anyone -- as a potential threat.

My roommate was a chronic worrier. She now has breast cancer. She will heal in time, but she now realizes that all that worrying probably manifested as illness. I tend to agree.

Chronic worrying affects your daily life so much that it interferes with your appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep, and job performance. Many people who worry excessively are so anxiety-ridden that they seek relief in harmful lifestyle habits such as overeating, cigarette smoking, or using alcohol and drugs.

I think as people become more aware of world events, they "know" there is something very wrong. Governments have spiraled out of control, creating war after war, crisis after crisis, racking up enormous debt that WE and generations to come will have to repay. Millions of innocents have died during these conflicts. Entire countries lay in ruin. Lives destroyed.

As I often share here on my blog, massive disrespect is being shown to our Earth. Rampant pollution of our waters by big corporations who never seem to face more than a slap-on-the-wrist financial penalty, fracking causing seismic activity and oil drilling in our oceans.. killing the creatures we share this planet with in mass. Let's not forget the Keystone pipeline they want to run through the middle of our country. Whether being a "terrorist" attack or lack of proper maintenance (these people can't even keep our current infrastructure in good working order), it is a horrific accident waiting to happen.

The Earth was created in perfect balance. We are destroying it.

Do you ever wonder..what can I do about it?

This is what I have chosen to do. My belief is...if people in mass did the same, there would be real change..and fast! The systems in place would fall to their knees and we could demand change.

Just one morning's harvest
I made a decision to not contribute to "the system". I arranged with my roommate to work for my room and board in lieu of payment. I quit my nursing job. She works 3 days a week (also a nurse) to pay the rent and utilities. We disconnected our cable TV (best thing we ever did) and only have basic internet service. I do the cooking, cleaning and yard work. I grow and maintain an organic garden each year, keeping food costs at a minimum for the household. I groom our pet's instead of taking them elsewhere. Neither of us eat pork or beef. We fish, dig for clams, and catch crabs for most of our food (and recreation because it's so much fun!) and often trade with nearby farmers for free range chicken and eggs. We both purchased bicycles and now share 1 paid-for vehicle between us. We quit buying electronics and trinkets made by child labor in foreign countries. On occasion, we smoke and roll our own cigarettes with pure natural tobacco. We purchased solar lights which live outdoors in daylight and come indoors at night to keep utility costs low. This winter, we burned wood in the fireplace when needed, otherwise just dressed a little warmer.
Beautiful Red Drum caught in the Cape Fear River at a public park :)
Between us, we were dumping roughly 4K per month into the system. It is now slightly over 1K. The stress relief has been amazing! More time is spent outdoors with nature, socializing with neighbors and being happy. Riding a bike is a great stress reliever too! I ride everywhere I can!

Share with your neighbors! I just pack up a few bags and hang them on their doorknobs :)
I can't help but wonder if more people did this, the current system would crumble. You better believe this one thing if nothing else.....Our rogue governments will take every single thing you give it. When you can give no more, it will throw you to wolves. Learn to be self reliant. There are hundreds of videos on the internet to assist you in growing your own food, purifying and collecting water and even how to build a house from tires and plastic bottles. No entity can survive without food. Starve the system. Let it die so humanity can be free to live in peace and harmony with Our Planet Earth.

Economic collapse, EMP's taking down the power grid, etc. have little meaning to me anymore. I know how to care for myself and our planet. I wish more people would join me. Thanks for reading :)


  1. This is exactly what many of us have been doing for decades. My friends bought 200 acres back in 1972 and started a commune. It didn't last because of all the drugs, alcohol and free sex, kids everywhere with parents somewhere else. Nobody wanted to work very hard at anything, no familty values or respect for the family unit. Today those are very troubled children, we've already lost some of them to drugs and alcohol.
    The idea of freedom should be balanced with personal responsibility, ethics and moral values. We each need to contribute in a tangable way to increase our quality of life while always considering the impact on others, especially the children.
    i've watched the breakaway Christian communes fail as well because of all the legalism and inevitable back biting and in fighting which seperates them.
    Personal responsibility begins with self reliance and consideration for others at all times. This is difficult in such a selfish western culture with so many uneducated, inexperienced people stumbling all over themselves and screwing each other for a piece of the pie.
    I suggest a good way to find commonality and share responsibility is gardening. Try to find a common area and get your neighbors involved. It's also an excellent way to teach young children the value of working together, amongst other things. In my opinion.
    Good article Slade. .

    1. I agree! After 3 yrs of watching my garden flourish, my neighbors on either side began their own :) We share gardening tips, seeds and what we grow with one another. I'm hoping to see more gardens from other neighbors this year. They all remarked about how much richer the veggies I shared with them were vs the ones in the grocery store. I have extra seedlings this year. Perhaps I will offer some to them to give them a little encouragement!

  2. I wanted to add as an encouragement to you all, I am currently working on a rocket stove mass heater with a boiler for a steam engine that will drive an alternator as well as heat domestic use water and heat the home at the same time. It uses 1/5 the wood as a normal wood stove, burns 95% efficient (because of the incredible heat and reburn of gasses), no smoke, uses all remaining heat to heat a mass for heat storage (and you can build one at home out of mostly natural earthen materials). It will also be adaptable to burn any bio mass, chips, pellets, wood chunks and small wood waste. I am actually firing up my prototype today, I'm very excited. Updates to follow.
    Research Rocket Stove Mass Heaters, also Steam Engines. They produce huge amounts of power that can easily turn a generator. Modern nuclear power plants still use steam to turn a turbine. We have to heat our homes 6 months out of the year where I live and many are off the grid so this would be good.
    I would also encourage everyone to plant fruit trees and berry bushes everywhere. Seattle is working on an edible park filled with them. I have planted apple, pear, plum, cherry, apricot, peach, raspberry, blueberry, goji berry and strawberries in varieties that will produce all year. Learn to can and dry fruit and vegetables. Grow your own when and where you can. Food is a commodity, we can go around the corporations.
    They get $5 for a handful of organic berries at the grocery store, why not grow your own? Just remember to protect them from bugs, birds, rabbits, pocket gophers, bears, deer and moose, that's the challenge. They want them too.
    I encourage all of you to consider what you can do to make a difference.
    Spirituality becomes tangable when you make it relevent to everythng you do. Thanks for your time, unir1uc

    1. You are definitely on the right track. How exciting! I need to look into the berries and fruit to see what is adaptable to the climate here.
      PS- I love your final thought "Spirituality becomes tangible when you make it relevant to everything you do". Might have to borrow that sometime~Namaste

  3. Hey Slaade, the cabal don't allow humans to live off the grid. Their courts have declared it illegal. It will require good guys mass arresting the cabal and releasing advanced tech, especially free energy for this to be a reality. I also have been reading alot into NDEs and reincarnation to learn we are immortal souls. Should the light lose, we will all "die" and our new homes will be in heaven and I will be staying there.

    1. Hi! I'm not totally "off grid". We still use city water (not for drinking of course) and electricity...just as minimally as possible. I do have a little spot near the mountains that I could live completely off grid but I hate cold weather lol. I'm a beach dweller :)

      The light you seek is within you my dear. You will find it when you stop looking for it elsewhere. The "light" always wins, at least in my world it does! Much love....

  4. Hi all, good points. I'm interested in the mass heater. My freind who is an engineer was telling me about his ideas of percolating the exhaust from our coal plants through an algae field, using the algae to sequester the carbon and then extracting fuel oil from the algae.

    I also wanted to leave this tidbit here for you spiritual gardeners- I've found this to be most efficacious. And the books it comes from are a great read for anyone considering these ideas.


    1. Hi! I will check out your link right now. Thank you for sharing. Ommmm :)

    2. Anything to filter the coal stacks would be good. Few people know that they also give off natural occuring radioactive materials (NORMS) which are not being filtered at all right now. We have a lot of challenges ahead, should make for good jobs.
      Here's another very interesting exotic seed resource, check out the rainbow eucalyptus, fastest growing tree in the world has rainbow colored bark.

  5. Very inspiring and informative. It is surprising how many people I know who are making lifestyle changes to withdraw from the grid. Changing shopping habits, buying just what is needed preferably from organic outlets, instead of loading up trolleys with supermarket mass produced synthetic trash and being mindful of what we do and how it impacts on Gaia can only be to her and our benefit imo.

    1. Great to hear more people are seeing the light and quitting the "game"! My heart just smiled :) Thank you!