Friday, March 7, 2014

Agenda 21 has arrived in the US! Has it begun in your town?

People are being arrested for growing organic gardens in their yards and on their own property.

Land grabs are underway. Sell your land to the government for .30 on the dollar or loose your land rights.

Do these terms sound familiar?

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Communities
Smart Growth
Urbanist Communities
Greenways/Buffer zones

Sound harmless don't they? Even environmentally friendly! But they are a clever disguise for what the United Nations knows is quickly becoming a "dirty word" to the masses...Agenda 21.

Are these programs underway in your community? The fact is, they are underway in all US states RIGHT NOW. You can find the list of states and cities that have been "tricked" into participation in the UN program ICLEI here:   Many communities, once the true meanings of participation are understood, have begun to withdraw and fight back to remove themselves from the "program".

Our children are being brainwashed in public schools to convince these programs are for the "good of the planet".

I am a huge advocate of better caring for our environment, plants, animals and Mother Earth HOWEVER, not at the expense of stripping our human right to exist in harmony with them by FORCING the masses into confined spaces where interaction with nature is prohibited or tightly controlled.

The 2 videos below are excellent sources of information as to how Agenda 21 is accelerating and being implemented this very moment. Please take a break from the television, news, blogs, etc. and watch them. You will use much more discernment in your reading and research in the future having seen them.

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