Friday, February 7, 2014

"Unusual geological event" in Ocean City, Md.

via RSOE

Seismologists are working to determine the source of earthquake-like tremors reported by Ocean City residents before noon Thursday. "We have had reports that people felt tremors," said an Ocean City police spokeswoman, who estimated that the department had fielded more than a dozen calls as of noon. She said the calls came in "from the whole length of Ocean City, just within the last hour or so" and there were no reports of damage so far. Maryland Geological Survey Director Richard Ortt confirmed that a state seismograph in Reisterstown detected the disturbance, but he could not say whether it was an earthquake or where it was centered. The agency is working with seismologists in Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania to triangulate the source of the tremors, Ortt said. A U.S. Geological Survey earthquake monitoring website shows no earthquakes of at least magnitude 2.5 in the region recently. Police were checking with the U.S. Coast Guard and other authorities to identify the source of the tremors and unusual sounds. A spokesperson for Dover Air Force Base in Delaware said it had no demolition or flights in the area. "We are hearing reports of a possible earthquake in Ocean City, MD. That is unconfirmed at this time," the Maryland Emergency Management Agency said in a post on Twitter. The disturbance was not felt by everyone. "Our police station is like Fort Knox, so I didn’t feel anything really," the spokeswoman said.

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