Friday, February 7, 2014

Accelerating Events and my absence

Hey all! Sorry for my few week hiatus, but sometimes you have to step away from the overload of negativity the internet and television bring. This was my time.

I know when to go within. It's that little voice inside that I have learned to trust, poking me..nagging me..telling me it's time to digest the information/truth I seek so desperately. I spent time with my animals, changing the vibe of my home (rearranging your home does wonders for your psyche), listening to comforting music (usually corny flute) and in meditation. I kept an eye on my favorite sites...RSOE, Spaceweather, Solarham, etc. but limited myself to 15 minutes per day of outside influence. This is something EVERYONE should do every few months. It's like a "reset" of consciousness. I feel renewed.

Now, on to events:

Most of you know there was a dramatic increase in fireballs all over the world the last half of January. In hindsight, I do believe these were a result of passing through Comet Ison's debris tail. Things have settled down again, but keep your eye on the NEO reports on RSOE, Spaceweather or where ever you choose to view them. NASA has new eyes watching for asteroids and BOY have they been finding them! I will keep you posted on close approaches as needed.

Solar activity got crazy for a week. I believe we had 7 M class solar flares...none of them resulting (thus far) in any major disturbances to Earth. This is a subject of concern. We NEED to build our magnetosphere and need solar flare impact to do so. Personally, I believe the weather anomalies are directly related to our fading magnetosphere and ionosphere. Which brings me to weather...

The weather continues to be insanely abnormal. MSM, the Weather Channel, etc. are going out of their way to downplay the impacts. Hundreds of thousands of people in the NE USA are right this moment without power due to the continued pounding of ice and snow. I live at the beach in southern NC and we were encased in ICE for 3 days last week. In the 15 years I've lived here, this has NEVER happened. Europe has been bombarded with literal tidal waves and flooding has caused thousands to flee their homes. Wildfires, heat and drought are engulfing the southern hemisphere. Earthquakes are on the uptick and volcanoes are popping off all over the planet, also causing thousands to flee their homes. And if that's not enough...

The world is in an economic crisis never seen in our recorded history. The bottom has fallen out and everything you see now as normality is just a clever illusion. It is not sustainable. It has begun to crumble. Things will only erode from this point forward. I encourage EVERY ONE OF YOU to plant a garden. I have planted my 2nd generation organic seeds this week and will dig up my entire yard if necessary to ensure that I have healthy food to eat. Prepare. Don't live in fear but prepare to take care of yourself. Don't depend on any government, family, friends or neighbors. Be able to protect yourself and your belongings. Know how to collect, purify or desalinate water. Know how to build a fire without matches. You will need this knowledge to survive. Mark these words as you read them. They are truth.

Let me end by saying I am not fear mongering. Society/mankind has survived many changes over millennium, and so now will those who can be self sufficient. Those who can not will perish. This is how it's always been and always will be. Carry on.....  


  1. Glad you are back. I have also spent the week in reflection. Good idea to change the vibes by re-arranging home, think I'll try that.

    1. Thanks! Reflection is so rejuvenating isn't it? Re-arranging your surroundings will do wonders! I also painted some rooms a cheery yellow color to chase away the winter drab, then got a stencil and painted ivy growing up around my doorways :) sort of bringing nature indoors with no watering needed hehehe. It was a fun project and can always be removed with a gallon of paint and a few hours of my time if I get bored with it. Namaste~ :)

  2. I'm glad too you are back,indeed to spent time around with your animals helps to clean the energies around you,especially if you have cats,they are very sensitive and feel in which state you are. Can you tell me Slaade which layers you would use for filtering water in case of an emergency situation? stone- charcoal -grind-sand. which first? the finest on the bottom or on top? I ask because there is so much opposite information on this. I also intend to buy a berkey waterfilter with extra filters.But I also want to know about the layers in case of cleaning and filtering water without this waterfiltersystem.I live in europe,here not allowed to have weapons to protect yourself and your home from intruders, I also experimented with orgonite the last 2 years and was surprised what you can all do with it. Now I'm gonna but orgonite around my garden to keep people with negative energies away.Have you experimented with orgonite and if so,for what do you use it? By the way do you see a change in behaviour of your cats or not? I do, they are much more nervous lately.

    1. Hi and glad someone noticed I was gone LOL. Here on some great videos that show how to purify (and desalinate) water
      If there is no water available to purify, simply pick some foliage (thicker the leaves the better) and put them in a large plastic bag (trash bag will work fine) and let them sit in the sun. The moisture from the foliage will turn to fluid within a few hours. It's actually quite refreshing :) Just make sure the plant you are using is not poisonous. Having some chlorine bleach around is also a good idea. I keep 10 gallons on hand at all times. Only 2 or 3 drops per gallon will kill most harmful bacteria. Iodine is equally effective but more expensive. I haven't used tap water for drinking in 4 years. I use distilled water for drinking (no added fluoride of course). Distilled water can deprive your body of needed minerals so taking supplements is advised.
      As for pets, my roommate and I have 3 dogs and a cat (just lost one of our kitties a few months ago..sniff). One of the dogs is very sensitive to everything...she knows when a storm is approaching before there is any visible sign, alerted us moments before we felt the Virginia earthquake 4 yrs ago, etc. She has been FREAKY for the last few weeks...hiding behind furniture, not wanting to go outside, sleeping by our beds at night among other things. Very odd for sure....Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I remember you lost your kitty,I'm the one who answered you at that time, I have 8 cats and lately they behave really strange,sometimes it looks like they are excited because they feel spring is coming,but it's far too early for them to feel that way. They also seem to be continuously on their guard.
    We did have a very big storm 2 days ago and the noise of the wind smashint into the roof was enormous, the cats were constantly watching at the ceiling and being very scared.
    The tip about the foliage to capture water I tried already, but here in europ we don't have so much sun, and not on regular basis.
    I always attracted animals in my garden and I noticed this winter it got worse.Since 2 years I got a weasel getting every night under my house, (the female smell terible to attract the male ones) and now of course they had little ones and they bite the cables of my neighbours cars. I tried by all means to catch them to relocate them put I gave up. It's like the animals know that when they are in my garden that they can't be caught. So I gave up.
    Here we drink bottled water, I don't trust tapwater. If you are interested you can take wheatgrass powder ones a day every day. It contains many vitamins-minerals-amino acids. I'm using it since september and my chronic fatigue got better.

    1. Wheat Grass is wonderful! I began growing for my cats to nibble on (since they stay indoors) and began to put it in the juicer along with my other veggies as a pick-me-up. Good stuff! Where are you from?

  4. I'm the one from Luxemburg. But I'm a Belgian, I moved to Luxemburg 14 years ago.I will keep some more gallons bleach at home in case of an emergency to clean water.