Thursday, January 9, 2014

Warning: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse Expected~UPDATE

Incoming CME Detected by ACE
A sudden solar wind increase to near 500 km/s was detected at 19:32 UTC. A little later and weaker than expected, but this appears to be the passage of an expected interplanetary shockwave (IP Shock) past the ACE Spacecraft. The incoming plasma cloud is expected to sweep past our planet within the next hour or so. Stay tuned to for the latest updates.
WARNING: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse expected
Valid From: 2014 Jan 09 2000 UTC
Valid To: 2014 Jan 09 2030 UTC
IP Shock Passage Observed: 2014 Jan 09 1932 UTC


THE CME HAS ARRIVED: As expected, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 9th (around 20:00 UTC or 3 p.m. EST). Although the initial impact was weaker than expected, geomagnetic storms could still develop as Earth passes through the CME's wake. NOAA forecasters are sticking by their prediction of a G3-class event on Jan. 9-10, which means high-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

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