Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Round two: Polar vortex to re-freeze US

*Even the beaches here in NC are forecasting a 50% chance of snowfall tonight! brrrrr!*

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Much of the U.S. is about to get pretty cold again.

A huge dome of arctic air will send temperatures plummeting across parts of the Midwest and Northeast early this week in a deep freeze reminiscent of early January’s “polar vortex.”

Temperatures are expected to go well below zero in Minnesota by Tuesday. Wisconsin, Michigan and upstate New York are expected to get some of the worst of the subzero temperatures through the earliest part of the week. Then the cold will move south.

“The amount of cold air that we’ve seen this year, we haven’t seen probably since 1996 in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, and maybe even as far east as upstate New York,” said Tony Zaleski, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

So is this polar vortex No. 2?

Not quite, Zaleski said. While both systems will have involved arctic air sliding down into the U.S., the new deep freeze won’t have the brutal frigid winds that made the polar vortex so dangerous.

“I would say that this amount of cold air is going to be extreme as well, but it won’t be as extreme as our area saw a few weeks ago,” Zaleski said, alluding to the wind chills of 40 to 60 degrees below zero across Minnesota.

This time, the wind chills will be about 20 degrees higher there, but still dangerously cold.

The cold air was expected to send temperatures below freezing as far south as northern Florida by Tuesday night, according to an AccuWeather.com forecast.

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