Saturday, January 4, 2014

M4.0 Solar Flare with Radio Burst via

Moderate Flare Detected
A slow eruption peaking at M4.0 in the vicinity of regions 1943 and 1944 was detected on Saturday afternoon. The event was associated with a 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) measuring 550 sfu and lasting 28 minutes, along with a Type IV sweep frequency event. More updates to follow regarding any possible coronal mass ejection (CME).
CME Update: Although hard to tell in this STEREO Behind COR2 image, a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is visible following the M4 eruption on Saturday afternoon. A majority of the cloud looks to be headed south, however there may be an Earth directed component. More updates once Earth facing LASCO coronagraph imagery becomes available.
SUMMARY: 10cm Radio Burst
Begin Time: 2014 Jan 04 1903 UTC
Maximum Time: 2014 Jan 04 1930 UTC
End Time: 2014 Jan 04 1931 UTC
Duration: 28 minutes
Peak Flux: 550 sfu
Description: A 10cm radio burst indicates that the electromagnetic burst associated with a solar flare at the 10cm wavelength was double or greater than the initial 10cm radio background. This can be indicative of significant radio noise in association with a solar flare. This noise is generally short-lived but can cause interference for sensitive receivers including radar, GPS, and satellite communications.
ALERT: Type IV Radio Emission
Begin Time: 2014 Jan 04 1922 UTC
Description: Type IV emissions occur in association with major eruptions on the sun and are typically associated with strong coronal mass ejections and solar radiation storms.

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