Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Japan dolphin slaughter: Hunters erect screen to hide killing

A group of dolphins trapped by Japanese fishermen were killed on Tuesday (January 21), after fishermen herded them onto the shore in a cove in central Japan.

At least 30 dolphins, trapped in the now infamous Taiji cove since Friday (January 17), were seen being driven by fishermen using nets and boat engines towards a killing area.

Fishermen waiting in the shallows, some in wet suits, wrestled the dolphins into submission and tied their tails with ropes to stop them from escaping.


  1. ...and when the great earthquake finally sinks Japan into the sea, I pray the dolphin feed on their dead corpses (whales too!)

  2. When will you guys just STOP and THINK about what your doing????? Do you not realise what you are doing is wrong in the eyes of the rest of the WORLD!!! Is EVERYTHING just FOOD to you????? You EAT ANYTHING & EVERYTHING......It's DISGUSTING!! Is there anything that is SACRED???? You are like locusts!!! I am EXTREMELY disgusted with this cruel act. I pray KARMA will come to you SOON!!!!