Friday, January 10, 2014

Comet Ison Debris-Doom on? Doom off?

I had a little fun with this one after seeing so many reports on the subject via the internet. Many are complete fiction and fear mongering based on no scientific data. It always amazes me to see people falling for the doom stories without doing any research of their own. You can google ANYTHING...just ask and it will give you thousands of answers (some true, some not) on every subject under the sun. Why people blindly follow certain YouTube channels and literally believe them as "gospel" is beyond comprehension. A basic 8th grade science class would prove them to be disinfo. So be each their own.

Anyway, I threw this video together to share both sides of the coin regarding the passage of Earth through Ison's pre-perihelion debris field around January 12th.

Will we see nothing? Maybe a few shooting stars? Noctilucent Clouds? ..or perhaps we will observe a sudden uptick in Fireballs. Guess we will have to wait and see. So here's my Enjoy!

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