Sunday, January 19, 2014

Accelerating Events World Wide - Outstanding Compilation-MUST SEE!

An excellent no fear/just watch compilation of world wide events in just the last 40 days. Something is amiss. Turn off your TV and pay attention. This is a must see!


  1. Hi Slaade, around 5,12 you see strange glowing light in the sky. For more than a year I see this at night in my sky on regular basis, people here don't pay attention to it,even my children noticed it. Have you any idea what it may be? I noticed also that since a few weeks they started chemtrailing here too at night! Made me furious. I'm very sensible,so every change i feel imediately.

    1. Hi! I have no idea what the light is. I have seen it here on occasion. It appears in the EAST at sunset. So weird! The west will be pitch black and the east is lit up like a Christmas tree. No one notices unless I point it out. I have always felt chemtrails were an attempt to hide something in addition to weather modification. Hug your little ones close and stay awake and aware. Much love :)