Friday, December 20, 2013

Quiet sun awakens! 2 M-class flares..


Good morning. Attached is an updated image of the visible solar disk on Friday. Solar activity was moderate during the past 24 hours. A moderate M3.5 solar flare was detected around newly numbered sunspot 1934 near the east limb at 23:19 UTC. The event was not associated with a large coronal mass ejection (CME). A number of low level C-Class flares were also detected around departed region 1917 now located off the west limb, and geoeffective sunspot 1928 in the southern hemisphere. A new sunspot formed to the west of 1928 and was assigned number 1933 over night. There will remain a chance for another isolated M-Class event, with sunspots 1928 or 1934 being the most likely source. Stay tuned to for the most up to date space weather news and information.

The SolarHam Sunspot Map for December 20th has been updated.

New sunspot 1934 just produced a second moderate solar flare. The latest event peaked at 11:57 UTC and measured M1.6. Stay tuned to for the latest information. Imagery by SDO/EVE.

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