Thursday, December 5, 2013

NASA's removed video (What happened to comet ISON?)

NASA posted this video and within an hour or so removed it. Why??

I have several questions - but lets start with these... #1 if there were so many NASA eyes on ISON.. then WHY did we get few pictures? In fact I think they used the same picture from Hubble at least twice 6 months later. #2 Why would NASA make a media ready speculation that ISON had completely disappeared so early in the game? and #3 (although I cannot tell where they expected ISONs track to appear on the helio FAIL pics - relative to trajectory)... I thought it was to pass at perihelion at least one full sun diameter away from the sun.... so in my estimation the viewpoint they showed at 2:12 left only a small window and little chance of seeing ISONs track.

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