Monday, December 23, 2013

Nasa delays second spacewalk to repair ISS after build-up of water is found inside a spacesuit


**The water was found in the sublimator - a device that helps with cooling
**Nasa said the cause is currently unknown and investigations are ongoing
**Issue is not related to spacesuit water leak seen during a July spacewalk
**Astronauts are working on resizing a spare spacesuit in time for the spacewalk tomorrow which take     place at 12:10 GMT
**Astronauts are currently trying to repair broken cooling system on the ISS

Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have delayed their next spacewalk until tomorrow after a new flaw was found in their spacesuits.

The problem appeared in the cooling unit of astronaut Rick Mastracchio's spacesuit after he re-entered the space station airlock.

Nasa said this it is not the same issue that caused a frightening water leak in the helmet of Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano in July.

Faced with unexpected repairs due to an equipment breakdown at the orbiting lab on December 11, Nasa arranged makeshift snorkels inside the 35-year-old spacesuits.

They also provided absorbent pads in the helmets in case such a leak happened again.

‘During repressurisation of the station's airlock following the spacewalk, a spacesuit configuration issue put the suit Mastracchio was wearing in question for the next excursion - specifically whether water entered into the suit's sublimator inside the airlock,’ the space agency said in a statement.

‘This issue is not related to the spacesuit water leak that was seen during a July spacewalk.’
The sublimator is a device in the spacesuit's backpack that helps dissipate excess heat.

Rather than allow Mastracchio, 53, to wear that suit again, astronauts are planning to work on resizing a spare spacesuit aboard the ISS for him on his next spacewalk to complete the ammonia pump module replacement.

The outing was initially set for Monday, but will now take place Tuesday, beginning at 12:10 GMT.

The spacewalk by the two American astronauts over the weekend went faster than planned and appeared to go off without a hitch.

(Note: This urgent situation brought to mind predictions made by Ed Dames, remote viewer. Among other predictions, he said that prior to "The Event", a "space shuttle" would have an emergency and it's crew would have to return to Earth. He also spoke of bird flu outbreak (see RSOE the past week), increased earthquake (see RSOE) and solar activity (see Solar Ham), radiation from Fukushima and more. Google him and you will find several hour long videos where he tells what he has "seen". Interesting times we are in for sure) 

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