Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 whales die, dozens trapped off Florida's Everglades park

via CNN
By Kim Segal and Tom Watkins, CNN

Everglades National Park, Florida (CNN) -- Six short-finned pilot whales have died and about 45 other whales were trapped Wednesday in shallow water off Florida's Everglades National Park.

Wildlife officials were trying to rescue the whales, which were found Tuesday stranded on the park's remote Highland Beach or trapped nearby in shallow water, Everglades park spokeswoman Linda Friar said.

Rangers found an unspecified number of whales beached, and others in the shallow water, after a fishing guide reported seeing one of the whales Tuesday afternoon, Friar said.

Wildlife workers were able to get some of the beached whales back into the water, she said.

The whales are believed to have approached the beach at high tide, but were unable to leave when the tide dropped, she said.

On Wednesday, they were stranded in "miles and miles" of shallow water, said Blair Mase, a marine mammal scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Officials were prepared to euthanize them, if needed, but were simply observing them, she said.

In all, 25 people were involved in rescue efforts, including officials from NOAA, the Marine Mammal Conservatory and the Marine Mammal Rescue Society, Mase said.

Fishermen spotted the whales, several of which had beached themselves, on Tuesday night in a remote area accessible only by boat off the west coast of the Everglades.


  1. Hi Slaade,I didn't know where to post this message but I want to ask you if you saw the last vid from courageousnerdz? It's called NASA LIED ABOUT COMET ISON. I know you had a strong feeling about this comet and weird things aroung it, so I would like to know what you think of the vid.
    Also I feel sorry for your pet, I lost 3 of my cats in the last 3 years and even if I still have the others I think of them every day.

  2. Hi! I watched Nerdz video. Though many of the questions he asks are valid, the claim that Ison did not exist is ..well, just grossly incorrect. Hundreds of amateur astronomers viewed it through their own telescopes. It was/is quite real. There are many questions as to why NASA has behaved they way they have about this comet. The orbit #'s being changed, the attempt to quickly dismiss it as "fizzled" when obviously it hadn't, the "dirty snowball" theory that we all know is bullshit, etc. Why the deception? I am a fan of Mccanney and believe he is being truthful in his "dark star" claims. The massive campaign to discredit him makes him that much more believable. Conspiracy aside, the scientific data available (Berkeley shares "clean" data) indicates that something is interfering with our magnetosphere causing weather anomalies, increased earthquake and volcano activity and shifting of our magnetic North. YouTube user Astral Traveler demonstrates these effects with instrument data. Thanks for sharing and for your condolences about my kitty. Keep me posted when you find things of interest. I'm always interested!

  3. Thanks for your answer Slaade, I had the same thoughts.Besides Mc Canney and Astral Traveler I also follow the vids of Bpearthwatch and I'm a fan of Major Ed Dames. Many of his remoteviewed predictions came exactly out, he's doing a live show on Coast to Coast this monday 9 december.