Monday, November 4, 2013

What IS the Object in the Western Sky?

by Slaade

It's been the topic of blogs and videos for months now. A bright glowing object, visible in the western sky just after sunset. Many speculated what people are seeing is Venus, which is exceptionally bright in the SW sky during the fall months. Venus pops out at nightfall in November. Jupiter rises by mid-to-late evening, and Mars comes up after midnight. But as demonstrated by many, the flickering object in the western sky is not a planet. It presents low near the horizon at dusk, only staying visible for about an hour. There are dozens of videos on Youtube of the object, flickering all the colors of the rainbow and getting larger at times as well.  The video below, taken by Greg of In5d, clearly demonstrates the object is not Venus, as many have claimed.

I also found this video very interesting. The woman shooting the film happened to notice the flickering object after going out to look at the moon. She captured some great shots!

Unfortunately, I am on the East coast and from my home, do not have a clear view of the West at sunset. I will certainly be looking for a good spot to view this object. I find it fascinating! Anyone who has seen it is most welcome to comment and share your experience.

What IS it? That remains to been seen. Time will tell..


  1. If I could even see the sky I'd consider myself lucky! Its been so dark for days with the grey skies and the chemtrails I think I'm turning into a mushroom - kept in the dark and sh@t on. Still, I try my best to be a fungi (joke - fun guy? get it?) :D

  2. I got it! Cute hehe We had 2 straight weeks of grey skies..I feel your pain