Friday, November 22, 2013

What 11 Billion People Mean for the Planet

via LiveScience
by LiveScience Staff

The human population is exploding. Earlier this year, the United Nations released a new report that said the global population was on pace to reach 11 billion people by the end of the century — a full 800 million more people than were expected by 2100 (with a range between 9 million and 13 million), and a whopping 4 billion more than call Earth home today. The bump in the predicted number was made in part because birthrates in sub-Saharan Africa are not dropping as fast as predicted.

All of those people mean a lot of extra mouths to feed, more strain on water supplies, a lot more trash and human waste to put somewhere and an increased threat of a major deadly global pandemic, among other problems.
As part of a weeklong series, LiveScience is taking a look at what impact a population of 11 billion might have on our Pale Blue Dot, and in what ways humans might need to adapt. The series explores food security, water security, climate change, Earth's animals, disease outbreaks, sanitation and space travel.
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  1. What utter rot! If we put all 7 billion of us onto the island known as Australia, gave everyone 1/4 acre to live on and grow their own produce there would still be room left over AND THE OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD WOULD BE EMPTY!!!! So there is more than enough room for everyone!
    This is very subtle fear-mongering imo.

    1. i get what anon 948 is trying to say. the land mass of oz could physically hold 7b people and the rotw would be empty. the likes of the royal clown prince phillip and his sprog charlie regularly try to indoctrinate the plebs with lies that we are ruining the earth coz there's too many of us. we AREN'T! THEY are! (that isn't meant literally. they and their industries and use of cheap'n'dangerous chemicals and the billionaire pimps are)

      maybe with geo-engineering used in the right hands all areas could possibly sustain life. some of the deserts around the world are said to be greening up. sorry, i don't go in for dissertations or provide links. that's kind of like pushing my beliefs onto others and violating their freewill. i'm a take it or leave it human!

      just an observation, if you attack folks for expressing opinions which seem to oppose yours (politely expressed at that!) god help the shills! (yeh i know there's no 'god' its just a figure of speech!)

    2. I certainly was not trying to "attack" the poster but simply correct his assertion that 7 billion people could live comfortably on the continent (not island) of Australia. I do agree that we could better utilize geo-engineering to make areas of the planet more inhabitable. I posted the article mostly out of concern regarding environmental issues (which will become worse if not gotten under control) and our infringement on the other species of our planet. Thanks for your comment and to the original poster, sorry if my statistics sounded harsh. Namaste~

    3. To Anon@2:53AM Thank you for 'getting it'.

      To slaade. Sorry I did not express myself well. You say continent I say island :) it is surrounded by water which does make it an island lol!
      When I see something that promotes the cabal depopulation agenda I speak up. Re you wanting a logical response :) Logic is in the eye of the beholder. Same goes for beauty. There's always two sides to every argument but on the face of it you are only showing one side here. So does that mean you agree with everything that you put up here on your blog and want us to do the same? Alternatively do you put things up to generate discussion and leave us to make up our own mind? Imho, some clarification is needed from your good self. Our friend Enerchi makes it known that just because he posts an article it doesn't mean he agrees with it but I haven't seen that in your 'mission statement'. Please believe I am not trying to be confrontational.

      Here is something to consider that is expressed better than my first attempt.

    4. No worries and glad to see you have returned! :D I could see where the article could be construed as an "agenda 21" theme. In my perception, it was pointing out that we need to be more aware and diligent in how we utilize our resources and in how we interact with the environment. As you said, it's all in the "eye of the beholder". No offense taken. Agreed there are 2 sides to every issue and that's what the comment section is for! There really isn't an agenda to what I post here. I'm simply sharing information on specific subject matter that I hope like-minded people find interesting. I can only assume that like-minded people would visit here...otherwise this subject matter could be considered quite boring (just ask my roommate lol). Thanks for the link. Will take a look when I'm finished trying to repair the damage I've done trying to "fix" the blog! buuahahahaha!!!

    5. Here's something I came across this morning while I was researching something completely unrelated! anon 2:53 mentioned it above.

    6. Interesting article. As plant life "breathes" CO2, it would make sense that it would begin to thrive in once arid areas (greenhouse effect). Unfortunately, the increase in CO2 is not as beneficial to humans. The warming effect causes glacial melting, thus increased sea levels. It also has negative effects on the human body ( I personally believe though humans have had a huge role in increasing Co2 levels, in fact, nature is doing what it has for millennium. Methane increases contributes far more to rising Co2 levels than carbon emissions. For humans to believe that nature prefers us over the other life on this planet is selfish and false. Right on for the plants! Tough luck for humans. We brought it on ourselves. Thanks for the great read. Nice site..added it to favorites.


  2. Your comment is void of facts. The great majority of land mass of Australia is either arid or semi-arid, there is very little surface water, the rain fall is low and there are very few rivers that actually run other than immediately after heavy rain. That accounts for most of the west of the continent, nearly two-thirds. That would leave only one third of the land mass INHABITABLE...approximately 750K square miles. Divide that between 7 BILLION people, that would leave .00010714285 of a mile per person. Let's not forget about the animals, plants and trees needed to survive, etc.
    Perhaps you should prepare a logical response before commenting, yes?

  3. the way, I did the math for you. That would equal approximately 3.84 FEET PER PERSON...not even enough to lay down :)


  5. More people to help with planet clean up. Win-win situation!