Saturday, November 9, 2013

Solar Activity Nov 9, 2013

Solar activity has remained stable today though sunspot 1890, which delivered our last X flare is now directly Earth facing. Chances of an X flare today is 25% from this region.

From Solar Ham:

Added 11/9/2013 @ 18:30 UTCAurora Outburst
A high speed solar wind stream coupled with periods of southward Bz, helped generate awesome aurora displays at high latidues Friday night and into Saturday morning. Mike Isaak in Alberta, Canada sends us the great image below he captured from Elk Island National Park after 5:30am local time. Visual aurora will be possible in the days ahead with a weak CME impact also possible during the next 48 hours. Stay tuned for more great imagery.
More great Alberta imagery by Theresa Tanner and Stuart Milliner.

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