Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Massive Antarctic Iceberg Sets Sail

Via Live
By Becky Oskin, Staff Writer   |   November 13, 2013 03:21pm ET

After lingering in its birthing bay for nearly six months, an Antarctic iceberg the size of Singapore is finally heading out to sea.
Strong winds blowing off the continent are pushing the giant floe away from its parent, the giant Pine Island Glacier, and the warming Southern Hemisphere's has melted the thick winter sea ice that held the block in place since July, said Grant Bigg, an ocean modeler at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. The latest satellite images show several kilometers (a couple of miles) of open water between the iceberg and the glacier, Bigg told LiveScience's OurAmazingPlanet.
"We've been waiting for this to happen," Bigg said.

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