Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ISON's orbit has changed...again

Great stereo shots in Thor's video...and yes, he's a nut (in a nice way).

The closest approach to the Sun has only change slightly this time.
The very long orbital periods are hard to calculate. The thing that is kind of embarrassing for them is that the changes in the last three sets of parameters have been outside the uncertainty ranges from one set to the next. This does suggest the possibility that they are having trouble fitting the data, which would be what would happen if the comet is being slowed a little due to plasma drag, as McCanney has proposed

November 22 Data

November 25 Data


  1. Just wondering if the model takes account of the wobbles or not? Kool model btw!

  2. Thanks! Not sure about the wobble. This comet is really fascinating! No telling what is going to happen to it and I'll be sad when it's over :(. I'm ready for the next one! 2 more days for the big event! Hope it holds together!