Sunday, November 24, 2013

IS THIS THE END? The current trend in doomsday apocalyptic shows

by Slaade-blogger

Well, it did not take long. Only a few days into the new year, having barely had time to celebrate that we survived 2012 despite the apocalyptic predictions, we were being introduced to the new "Thing to Be Feared" for 2013. But why? This is a loaded question because the answer truly depends on who you ask.

More and more attention is being brought to the preparedness lifestyle which some may now call a "movement". But not all the attention has been positive. While some see the world changing in frightening ways such as extreme weather, earthquakes, solar flares, floods, wildfires, etc. and want to be prepared, there has also been a growing concern that the government is targeting folks who claim to be “preppers” due to the fact they stockpile a large amounts of food and weapons

I am not sure why end of the world or post-apocalyptic TV series are so interesting. Perhaps it’s the fact that we can watch how people may react to these extreme events and try to decide if we would do the same. Would we make the hard choices the characters of post-apocalyptic shows do, or do we think we could do it better? Do you think you could survive with the loss of friends and family and all of our technology? I am always reading and surfing the Internet, and you can definitely see the disconnect of today’s generation in regards to basic survival skills.

I would like to think, in case any of these events did happen, that human nature is actually good and we would rebuild. I think the most intriguing part of these end of the world and post-apocalyptic series is the fact that we don’t know how you or I would react. Most people say you only truly know someone when they are down on the floor with someone standing on their neck. The following post-apocalyptic series show human struggles that we don’t even think about today.

Survivors, Revolution, Falling Skies, Walking Dead TV Series
Doomsday Apocalypse Series on NatGeo including :
Bunkers, Evacuate Earth, Prophets of Doom, etc.
and let's not forget the increasing SciFi, Discovery and History Channel "documentaries" like:
Discovery Channels Fireballs From Space, Ten Ways the World Will End, Alien First Encounter, Nuclear Nightmare, Galactic Collisions, etc.

I believe people are more aware now that they need to be self sufficient when it comes to disasters, etc., and it is about a 50/50 split among the general population on their agreeing with being a prepper or not. Some will say it is great and they either have started to prepare or need to. Others will say that preppers are nut jobs who stockpile guns and ammo for the apocalypse. Who is right? Only time will tell....

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