Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Etna volcano CURRENT ACTIVITY and eruption update

Etna volcano CURRENT ACTIVITY and eruption update

New ash explosions from New SE crater
Update Wed 06 Nov 14:02
Since about an hour ago, some relatively strong explosions re-appeared to occur at the New SE crater. This could be a signal that it is heading towards a new paroxysm in the near future. Tremor continues to rise slowly. The next days (if not hours) will probably give the answer.

Seismic unrest continues and gives the general impression that "something" could be in the making at the volcano.
A swarm of earthquakes at depths around 15-20 km has been going on under the SW flank, suggesting magma could be rising from deeper reservoirs into the volcano's shallower storage areas. Tremor has been showing a rising tendency, but so far, no particular eruptive activity has been observed.

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