Friday, November 15, 2013

Can Mass Human Emotion Have a Measurable Influence on Earth's Energetic Field?

By Imogen Crispe
An experiment to find out if human emotions affect the Earth and natural disasters will be partly carried out in New Zealand.
American research organisation HeartMath initiated the project to test the hypothesis that “mass human emotion, whether positive or negative, has a measurable influence on the Earth’s energetic field”.
However a New Zealand scientist believes that the hypothesis will be hard to prove.
The experiment is called the Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) project, and sensors have already been installed in the US, Saudi Arabia, Canada and England, and three more are due to be installed in New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa.
There will be a magnetometer sensor installed on the East Coast of the South Island, and coordinator of the GCMS project Rollin McCraty says the site will be tested this month.
“We’re measuring the heart rhythms and brain waves of the planet. We’re wanting to get a global view of what the energetic activity of the planet is from a whole perspective.”
He says the project is based on the theory that human emotions can affect the Earth’s magnetic field.
“There’s already… overwhelming evidence that mass emotionality - when something happens that triggers a lot of people feeling similar ways at the same time - that that can affect the global field environment.”
He claims that during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, magnetometers measured an effect on the Earth’s magnetic field.
However Professor Richard Easther, head of the University of Auckland's physics department, says it is unlikely that this experiment will find any link.
“There is absolutely no basis in physics that human emotions can affect the earth’s magnetic field,” he says.
But Mr McCraty believes that mass human emotions could be somehow linked to natural disasters such as earthquakes. He thinks that currently the human race is going through a shift in consciousness, changing from ideals of greed and personal gain to looking after the planet and each other.
But for this change to happen there may be increased human stress, and “natural disasters could be part of that process”.

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