Thursday, November 7, 2013

BREAKING! - HUGE Fireball in the LA Area "...the biggest thing I've ever seen!"

November 7, 2013

Crazy Fireball Over LA
via Fire in the Sky
Californians from Fresno to San Diego reported seeing a crazy-looking fireball streak across the sky this evening around 8 p.m. There were a lot of fake photos being passed around, but CBS Los Angeles found some security footage that captured the fireball:

So what's going on here? It's likely a part of a meteor shower going on that has a reputation for putting on quite a show around Halloween every year. Every year in late October and early November, the earth passes through the dust of a comet named Comet Encke. One astronomy website described the shower this way: "Although a modest shower, the Taurids can surprise you with a flamboyant fireball or two!" A meteorologist with the National Weather Service told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that's likely what us Southern Californians saw tonight.

via MrMBB333

Witnesses reported a huge fireball near the LA area in California. Many said it was the 2nd very large fireball seen in the area in the last 48 hours.

Keep your eyes to the skies! We have a lot going on with Near-Earth-Objects this month. Comet  Ison and it's debris field as well as close encounter Asteroids!

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