Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Astral Traveler~ Voice of the Universe

November 6, 2013
by Slaade

I will make it known that I, for one, do not believe that NASA shares valuable information that some of us would like to know. Not just NASA, but all of the Space Agencies of the world. We only receive tidbits of information, from some nice woman or man with a pleasant voice, telling us about the latest satellite launched to study the "unknown" at the tax payers expense. There are many causes for the upheavals we have seen in our weather, flooding, earthquakes and even increased meteors and fireballs. Astral Travelers takes a look at our planetary changes with a style of his/her own. Is something "out there" displacing our magnetic field, causing our poles to shift, causing chaos? Time will tell...

I encourage readers to subscribe to Astral Traveler's youtube channel. I found it helpful (these videos can be very technical for new viewers) to review the last few months videos to get myself up to speed. I will be sharing them here from time to time. Enjoy!

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