Thursday, November 28, 2013

...AN OPEN LETTER TO NASA re: comet Ison

NASA, you are the experts, or so they say. I watched your live google POD cast today, Thanksgiving day, and appreciated each and every one of you for taking the time to be there to share with us. All of those satellites, turned to face comet exciting! But as she approached the sun, your experts and scientists spoke to the thousands of us viewing like we were children, explaining how comets are "dirty snow balls".  I began to read through the comments as the broadcast continued, noting most everyone just wanted to see images of  Ison, not listen to a rehash of middle school science. As I clicked on the many cameras you made available, each one took several minutes to load, only to flicker wildly, making it almost impossible to really SEE anything. If you navigated away from the page, it would begin reloading again. Attempting to view via STEREO was equally frustrating, as so many of us were trying to access the web page, it couldn't handle the strain.

Then, shortly after Ison left our view, the thousands of us viewing were told "...we don't know what happened to Ison"...that she must have succumbed to the heat of our star. Wow, what a let down. Ison is gone...dead...finished. After months of intently and excitedly watching this comet, in a few moments, it was over...or so you said.

Within a few hours, video began to pour in from various web pages and on YouTube of something..a light..a stream of some sort, leaving the sun. Was it?....could it be?...ISON has survived????  Unless my eyes deceive me, the answer is clear. Yes, though maybe not fully intact, Ison DID survive. Thanks to many amateur astronomers and video makers, we realized she had in fact, survived the harrowing trip around our star as you NASA, were reporting her demise.

I hope in the future you keep in mind team NASA, that WE the TAXPAYERS have supported you for a half a century. You let us down. I hope you enjoyed your turkey dinners today, because I have a feeling you will be eating crow tomorrow. The most recent images seem to indicate that Ison is brightening as I type these words. Seems there is no one we can trust anymore but one another...and that's just fine with me. Thank you to all who sacrificed time on this holiday to keep us informed. You know who you are....and who you are not.


  1. love it! take that nasa.

  2. Well said and thank you for taking the time to address NASA.

  3. Slaade, NASA is cabal and also means never a straight answer!

  4. So well put and true. Thank you for writing them about this, I'm sure lots of us will including me.

  5. Hey, you need to hire BPEarthWatch from YouTube.
    Shame I had to get updates from YouTube.
    Tsk Tsk Tsk.
    Houston,,,you have a problem!!!!

  6. I've got it! Not all of us know how to use your site.
    Make it more user friendly, click and play.
    When I tried to use SOHO etc.
    It said my video would be ready in 5 hours.
    I'm so excited about Ison and found it VERY
    hard to get real time updates.
    No kiosk, they are difficult to navigate.
    Click and play, live updates.
    That would be COOL....!!!!

  7. never mind,,,BP is a fear monger for money.

    1. BPEarthwatch is poorly informed and needs to do some research about the subjects he speaks of. I feel bad for the thousands that blindly follow him without verifying the content of his videos. I hope in time, they will find truth.